Lowe's Bottled Gas
is now part of Autore Oil and Propane

Lowe's Bottled Gas is now serviced by Autore Oil & Propane.

Please visit (and bookmark!) the website here: https://www.autoreoil.com/

Thank you for your loyalty. The friendly staff at Autore Oil looks forward to serving you for many years. In fact, our average customer stays 25 years!

Residential Customers

Sherry and Jack Lowe have retired after serving the community for decades. They've arranged for Autore Oil and Propane to handle all your propane requirements for equipment and delivery. Autore has been serving the UP for more than 60 years!

Commitment to Safety

Autore Oil has decades of industry experience, and prioritizes customer care and safety. They offer a free gas system check-up for your safety, and a peace-of-mind delivery service for your convenience. Delivery vehicles will display Lowe's Bottled Gas or Autore Oil and Propane.

Contact Us

The friendly, 5-star Google rated staff at Autore Oil is happy help you! Call today! Toll Free (800) 643-1823, or locally (906) 484-2233 or click for the office address where you can visit the showroom or mail your payments.

Proudly Propane